Formed through a joint venture of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Omnyx is an independent healthcare technology company located in the United States focused on digitizing the clinical practice of pathology across the globe.

As a joint venture of GE Healthcare and UPMC, Omnyx draws from each partner's deep roots in engineering and clinical excellence. GE Healthcare brings its experience in clinical radiology and cardiology in hospitals globally. As a recognized leader in digital pathology, UPMC actively guides Omnyx's product design and services as a proving ground within its network of hospitals and labs.

Omnyx is focused on innovation in pathology. Omnyx is dedicated to making the most complete, fastest, and most accurate integrated digital pathology solution-one that will enable anatomic pathologists in hospitals to render diagnosis from a digital image. Omnyx solutions enable larger academic medical centers and reference labs substantially improve pathologist productivity, increase access to care, increase consultation rates, enhance operational and capital efficiencies through the clinical use of digital pathology.

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