Abstracts 2021


Abstract Title

Shamsi BerryA New Resource for Pathology Informatics: The New Mexico Decedent Image Database
Abubakr ShafiqueMulti-Biomarker Analysis for Hodgkin Lymphoma using Automatic Registration
Bartolomeij RadzikBarcode Location Information for Pathologists (BLIP), an Innovative Glass Slide Tracking Program
Xingwei WangPrediction of HER2 Score in Breast Cancer using Synthetic IHC Derived from H&E Images
Cole PavelcheckEfficacy of PanopticNets for 3-Dimensional Segmentation of Confocal Microscopy Imaging Data
Cole PavelchekCloud-hosted Neural Networks for Cell Segmentation and Classification of Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging Data
Areej AlsaafinHistopathology Image Search for Lymphoma Diagnosis Directly from Hematoxylin and Eosin Slides
Mohamed AmgadMuTILs: a multiresolution approach for computational TILs assessment using clinical guidelines
Regina KwonImplementation of a Referral-Test Management System Using REDCap
Jerry LouTowards Digital Pathology: Monitoring Color Calibration in Monitors
Nalan YurtseverData Analysis in Pathology: A Training Approach Geared to Pathology Residents
Hirotsugu SakamotoApplication of Whole Tissue Imaging (WTI) by Micro-Computed Tomography for the Evaluation of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Specimens
Qiangqiang GuDeep Learning in Automated Breast Cancer Diagnosis by Learning the Breast Histology from Microscopy Images
Parsa HodjatBlood Culture Positivity Trend Monitoring in COVID-19 Patients
Parsa HodjatFast and Efficient Data Utilization: The Benefits of Physician Access to Health and Laboratory System Databases
Andrew HughesAutomated Interpretation of Serum Protein Electrophoresis
Takashi OhnishiThree-Dimensional Blood Vessel Structure on Whole-Block Image: Benign vs Malignant
Fahime SheikhzadehFederated learning for digital pathology: training algorithms without accessing patient data to protect patient privacy
Matthew AndersonCustomizable Online Platform for Remote Asynchronous Medical Education
Brandon GallasHigh Throughput Truthing (HTT): pathologist agreement from a pilot study
James A. MaysDelays Among Laboratory Results Delivered Via EHR Notification Messages
Liron PantanowitzAI in Prostate Pathology ? Is this Becoming Reality?
Ruhani SardanaAccuracy of AI Whole Slide Image Analysis Is Adversely Affected by Pre-Analytical Factors such as Stained Tissue Slide and Paraffin Block Age
Brian VadaszPlacental region identification and blood vessel classification using machine learning
Omar BabaEMR retrieved-transfusion records analysis and blood utilization management optimization: the AUBMC experience
Dibson GondimLeveraging Tracking System Database to Extract Gross Dissection Activity Data
Sean GrimesWoC-Bots: A Multi-agent Approach to Predicting Lymph Node Metastasis from Primary Breast Tumors
Mehrvash HaghighiCreate a public health surveillance infrastructure using laboratory analytics: Leverage Visiun to support COVID-19 pandemic response
Mehrvash HaghighiRobotic Process Automation: A Novel Method in Streamlining Digital Pathology Validation
Mehrvash HaghighiMachine Learning Improves the Accuracy of Adequacy Evaluation of Cytology Specimens for Molecular Profiling
Justin HallsInterpreting Complex and Uncommon MNS Alleles from Whole Genomes
James HarrisonGeneralizability of machine learning models for autoverification of mass spectrometry assays in the clinical laboratory
Cherub KimA Statistically Robust Approach to Machine Learning for Model Development and Validation Under the Constraint of Small Datasets
Chady MerouehMycobacterial Detection and Localization on WSI Using Machine Learning
Oluwatobi OzoyaAutomation of Proficiency Testing to Improve Adoption and Quality Laboratory Testing
Vandana PanwarPooled Laboratory Testing for COVID -19
Juan C. Santa RosarioAn AI-Based Solution for Cancer Detection: First Deployment in Clinical Routine in a US Pathology Lab
Michelle StramForensic Teleneuropathology: Application of Telepathology for Neuropathologic Consultation in the Forensic Setting
Jayalakshmi VenkateswaranInpatient laboratory test utilization of procalcitonin and C-reactive protein during and pre-COVID-19 pandemic.
Maxwell WangCorista Virtual Slide Stage: Potential for Use in Daily Practice
Mustafa YousifInter-and intra-variability assessment of common technical specifications of consumer-off-the-shelf (COTS) displays
Yonah ZiembaWhy the FDA Recommendations for COVID-19 Tests Vary with Patient Population: A Graphical Explanation
Hassan RizwanGenetic expression profile analysis reveals Over-expression of CHEK1 and BRCA1 in High-Grade Follicular Lymphoma relative to Low-Grade Follicular Lymphoma
Michelle StoffelCustom Web Applications for Continual Improvements to Laboratory Workflows
Ashish MishraAge of Cloud-based Applications: Opportunities and Challenges
Keluo YaoApplication of Reverse Federated Database System for Clinical Laboratory Service
Daniel GonzalezDeep Learning Algorithm to Predict ERG Gene Fusion Status in Prostate Cancer
Anil ParwaniQuantitative Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) Tissue Staining in Digitized Whole Slide Images (WSI) Using Measures of Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (HSB)