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The Department of Pathology is a critical core service in the nationally-recognized Duke Health Systems and School of Medicine, serving three hospitals, community practices, and the Durham VA Hospital.

Encompassing surgical pathology, clinical laboratories, autopsy services, research, and bio-banking, as well as educational programs, Duke Pathology is an essential and integral part of the patient care team.

One of the founding departments when Duke Hospital opened in 1930, Pathology has a rich history and has grown to 1000 faculty, staff, and students, including 750 in the Clinical Labs. As a part of the Number One Hospital in North Carolina, we receive large volumes of case materials, many of which are uncommon. This exposure, which creates experience and depth in our diverse faculty, serves our patients with the highest quality.

Duke University School of Medicine - Pathology Department


Department of Pathology, DUMC 3712
North Carolina
United States