Exhibitor Instructions and Planning Material

Information for Exhibitors from the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC):

The forms below include the necessary forms for Exhibitors to order WIFI, Electric, Third-Party AV, Shipping, and for the use of the Wyndham Loading Dock.  The API/PI Summit provides Exhibitors with one standard power strip at each Exhibitor Booth.  If an exhibitor requires additional connection to their booth, they must also complete a credit card authorization form along with the electricity order form. Wireless connection provided per table at no cost, but exhibitors will need to pay for secure/dedicated WiFi or hard-wired internet at their own expense.  Please note that exhibitors must send their orders and method of payment at the same time. In addition, please inform DLCC 60 days in advance of who the third-party decorator is, their contact information, and what services they are providing (including freight).  Contracted rate of $135 per exhibitor table.

Important Exhibitor Dates:

Exhibit Dates
Tuesday, May 19 and Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Installation of Exhibits
Monday, May 18 | 10 AM - 9 PM

Dismantling of Exhibits
Wednesday, May 20 | 4:30 PM - 8 PM
Thursday, May 21 | 8 AM - 12 PM

Exhibitor Booth and Furnishings

API will provide one 6' table, pipe and drape and two chairs to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Level exhibitors (10' x 10' space).  Diamond and Platinum Level Exhibitors will be provided with two 6' tables, two chairs and may use small pop-up exhibits (10' x 20' space).  Exhibits must conform to the contracted space (10' x 10') or (10' x 20') and not project so as to obstruct the view of the adjacent booths.  In the rear 4 feet of all booths, display materials or equipment may not exceed 8 feet in height without the consent of API.  In the front 6 feet of the booth, display materials or equipment may not exceed 42 inches in height.  Exceeding allotted space may incur additional charges or result in required removal of excess items. 

 **Wireless connection provided per table at no cost. A basic powerstrip with electricity is also provided at no cost.

Exhibitor/Vendor Boxes/Shipping:

If a third-party is handling freight please have ALL freight sent through the third-party. The DLCC will need their contact information to communicate set/delivery/garbage pickup.

If exhibitors are shipping directly to the hotel please have them follow the instructions on the shipping form carefully. They must complete the forms in its entirety and provide a method of payment. Packages received without a method of payment will not be delivered to their booth until one is received. 

If you call the hotel directly, please tell reservations you will be attending the Pathology Informatics Summit 2020 conference. PLEASE NOTE: The hotel cannot accept shipments any sooner than three (3) days prior to the start date of the conference.

Ship to:
The David L. Lawrence Convention Center 
1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Shipment for: Pathology Informatics Summit 2020 May 18-21, 2019 

Our DLCC Convention Services Manager for PI Summit 2020 is:

Jana Jarrett | Event Manager
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard | Pittsburgh, PA  15222
(o) 412.325.6125  | jjarrett@pittsburghcc.com