International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting

Nova Marie Smith
Executive Director
Association for Pathology Informatics

Email: nova.smith@pathologyinformatics.org

Dear Ms Smith,

RE: Developing an international standard for the pathology reporting of cancer

I am writing on behalf of the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) to advise you of the availability of internationally agreed datasets for the pathology reporting of cancer.

The ICCR is a not-for-profit organisation founded by the pathology colleges and associations of the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe. http://www.iccr-cancer.org/

Under the governance of the ICCR Board, and Steering Committee, a worldwide network of dedicated expert pathologists, is working towards the development of standardized, evidence based datasets to support structured pathology reporting of cancer worldwide. Our goal is to improve cancer patient management across the world, to advance national and international benchmarking in cancer management and to enable standardized data supporting research and tissue banking. In addition, the creation of a single international data standard greatly facilitates eHealth integration.

Standardised cancer reporting datasets have been developed for national use in the UK, USA and Australia for many years, however, they are not internationally standardised or directly comparable. Variations in data elements, terminology, dataset structure or recommended methodology can compromise interoperability of core data for research or benchmarking in cancer management.

For those centres developing their own cancer checklists, such as the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and the Royal College of Pathologists UK, the availability of internationally endorsed evidence-based cancer datasets significantly reduces their development effort and allows these institutions to align and normalise their pathology cancer data. For countries which lack the resources for their own development, ICCR reporting standards provide a means of achieving an international standard of pathology reporting without significant investment.

Our datasets are developed in synchrony and in collaboration with the Series Editors of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Classification of Tumours ‘Blue books’. In 2018, the WHO will be revising the Bluebook chapters for the digestive tract and breast malignancies and in synchrony the ICCR will be commencing work on datasets in these areas. At this time, the ICCR has already successfully published 21 datasets with a further 10 datasets to be published shortly and a further 5 in progress. ICCR datasets are made freely available under ICCR copyright from our website.

As the ICCR datasets are adopted throughout the world, pathologists will be wanting Laboratory Information
Systems (LIS) that utilize these datasets for cancer reporting. We would therefore appreciate you
disseminating this notification to your membership so they can anticipate and prepare their LIS for this need.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please contact us on info@iccr-cancer.org.


Dr John Srigley
President, ICCR
“Pathology reports provide the fundamental information required for the treatment of all cancers”

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