Letter from Outgoing President

Dear API Members,
Happy 2020!
I hope your holidays were enjoyable and wish all the best for you in the New Year.
With the end of 2019, my term as President of the Association of Pathology Informatics has come to an end.  Please let me take a moment to reflect on the past year and to thank you for the opportunity you granted me, to help lead the API.  Your trust and support is and was greatly appreciated.
Highlights of the past year for API include:
  • Organized and held had a fantastic Summit (once again!)
    • Record numbers of Travel Awards
    • Record numbers of Abstracts, Posters and Proposals for Podium Presentations
  • Continued to offer Digital Pathology Workshops
    • Small group, hands-on workshops embedded within Pathology Institutions that have implemented cutting edge Digital systems into their daily practices.
  • Helped establish and hosted round tables with API / CAP / and ACR
    • Leveraging similarities of practice between radiology and pathology, especially as applied to the digital space
    • Working to synergize pathology/radiology activities with regulators, entrepreneurs and implementers.
  • Updated, cataloged and added to the pathology residency informatics training sets – both with PIER and API content
  • Increased API member participation in API Committees, thereby strengthening the foundation of the organization
  • Established contracts and relationships for new Summit venue
  • Began the RFP process for new publishing contract for JPI
As a member led organization, API is in a strong position to continue maintain its position as a leader in the informatics space. I am confident that under the leadership of Dr. Mary Edgerton the API will only grow stronger.
 I encourage each of you to actively participate in API and to invite non-member informaticians (residents, fellows, attendings, technicians, researchers, etc.) to join as well.  The broader and more diverse our membership, the stronger our position in the discipline. 
Consider participating as a member of an API Committee!
Submit an article to JPI!
Be as proud of yourself for being part of this organization as I have been for the opportunity to act as President.  Thank you, all, for a year filled with API.  It’s been wonderful.
Monica E. de Baca, MD