Presentations 2019

Pathology Informatics Summit 2019

May 5-9, 2019: Wyndham Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA


Monday, May 6, 2019


Foundational Topics in Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Informatics

Workshop Coordinators: Kinjal Shah and Toby Cornish

8:00 am - 8:10 amIntroduction to Morning SessionsToby Cornish, MD, PhD    
8:10 am - 9:00 amBuy, Build or Borrow? Filling Functional Gaps in your LISToby Cornish, MD, PhD     VIDEO    PDF
9:00 am - 9:50 am"No, we can't do that":  How to Navigate Informatics Hurdles from a Private Practice PerspectiveChandra Krishnan, MD      VIDEO    PDF
10:10 am - 11:00 amCDS Applications Leveraging Machine Learning and Other Emerging TechniquesJason Baron, MD              VIDEO    PDF
11:00 am - 11:50 amRegulatory Considerations for Algorithmic Clinical Decision Support ToolsThomas Gniadek, MD, PhD     VIDEO    PDF
11:50 am - 12:00 pmQ&A 
1:00 pm - 1:10 pmIntroduction to the Afternoon Sessions


Kinjal Shah, MD    
1:10 pm - 2:00 pmLeveraging the EHR for Clinical Outcomes ManagementKinjal Shah, MD     VIDEO    PDF
2:00 pm - 2:50 pmReverse Federation: Boldly Going Where No Interface Has Gone BeforeKeluo Yao, MD       VIDEO    PDF
3:10 pm - 4:00 pmData Lakes, Warehouses and Marts, Oh My!


Chris Williams, MD     VIDEO    PDF
4:00 pm - 4:50 pmLaboratory Analytics: Build vs BuyBryan Dangott, MD     VIDEO    PDF


4:50 pm - 5:00 pmQ&A 

HIMA Imaging Science

Monday, May 6 All Day

Workshop Coordinator: Metin Gurcan


The HIMA Imaging Science program is independent and not part of the official Pathology Informatics Summit 2019 accredited continuing medical education (CME) program. This program does not qualify for CME credits.


8:00 am - 8:05 amIntroduction  to HIMAMetin Gurcan, PhD - Moderator   VIDEO    PDF
8:05 am - 8:55 amExploring the Future of Digital Pathology in Immuno-Oncology and Companion DiagnosticsGeorge Lee, PhD       VIDEO    PDF
8:55 am - 9:50 amOpportunities for Standardization and Collaboration in Developing Histopathology Image Analysis AlgorithmsSteven Hart, PhD       VIDEO    PDF
10:10 am - 11:05 amBreaking the Barriers of Conventional Optics: Computational Photography in the Clinical WorkflowItai Hayut, PhD           VIDEO    PDF
11:05 am - 12:00 pmAI and Pathology in Training: Building and Explaining Algorithms to Medical StudentsScott Doyle, PhD       VIDEO
1:00 pm - 1:55 pmDigital Pathology & Artificial Intelligence, the Third Revolution in PathologyManuel Salto-Tellez, MD       VIDEO    PDF
1:55 pm - 2:50 pmKiNet: Single-stage Nuclear Recognition and Classification for Measuring Ki-67 Proliferation Index (PI) in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine TumorsToby Cornish, MD, PhD       VIDEO      PDF
3:10 pm - 4:05 pmModels for Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Pathology PracticeDouglas Hartman, MD          VIDEO     PPT
4:05 pm - 5:00 pmPanel Discussion 

R Language Primer and Programming Symposium on Data Sciences*

API Workshop Sponsor: Mike Feldman, MD, PhD

Workshop Coordinator: Amrom Obstfeld, MD, PhD


Course Instructors

Daniel Herman, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Stephan Kadauke, MD, PhD, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Patrick Matthias, MD, PhD, University of Washington

Amrom Obstfeld, MD, PhD, Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia

Joseph Rudolf, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota


8:00 am - 8:10 amInstructor Instructions     VIDEO
8:10 am - 9:50 amIntroduction to R and RStudio   VIDEO    PDF    
For Reproducible Reporting     VIDEO Part 1     VIDEO Part 2
10:10 am - 11:50 amData Wrangling      VIDEO Part 1     VIDEO Part 2    PDF
1:00 pm - 2:50 pmData Understanding    Visualize Data     VIDEO    Stats     VIDEO
3:10 pm - 5:00 pmExploratory Data Analysis       VIDEO Part 1     VIDEO Part 2    PDF
Show and Tell    PDF

Digital Pathology Association Companion Meeting

Hot Topics in Digital Pathology


Monday, May 6 Early Evening Session

Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA

5:00 pm - 5:10 pm                  Introduction/Opening RemarksAnil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA
5:10 pm - 5:30 pmPrimary Diagnosis using Digital Pathology: Current and Future DirectionsDouglas Hartman, MD     VIDEO    PDF
5:30 pm - 6:00 pmImplementation of Digital Pathology (DP) Offers Clinical and Operational Increase in Efficiency and Cost SavingsJoseph Sirintrapun, MD    VIDEO    PDF
6:00 pm - 6:30 pmBeyond the H&E slide:  The Power of Algorithms and Image QuantitationMike Feldman, MD       VIDEO    PDF
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm"Whose Tissue is it Anyways?": Using Digital Pathology Slides for AI Research:  A Panel Discussion on the Regulatory and Ethical IssuesAnil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA
7:00 pmConcluding Remarks/Wrap upAnil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA



Tuesday, May 7, 2019

  Tuesday Morning Short Abstract Presentations   

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Short Abstract Lectures
Grand Ballroom 1

Monica de Baca

Short Abstract Lectures
Kings Garden 1

Kinjal Shah

Short Abstract Lectures
Kings Garden 2/3

Veronica Klepeis

Short Abstract Lectures
Brigade Room

Chris Williams
8:00 am - 8:15 am
Jay Ye:  Effective Use of R Language in Anatomic Pathology -Showcasing Diverse Examples of Usages Outside Statistical Computing  VIDEOAnthony Magliocco:  Application of Artificial Intelligence for Automatic Evaluation of Routine Whole Slide H&E Images for Presence of Malignancy
 Hansen Lam:  Pocket to Ceiling: ImagingSolutions to Optimize Gross Room Workflow  VIDEO
8:15 am - 8:30 am
Peter Gershkovich:  Specimen tracking from Operating Rooms to Pathology Intake  VIDEOLimin Yu:  Identification of Basal Cell Carcinoma in Intro-Operative Frozen Section Using Deep Learning On Smart Phone Images  VIDEO Markus Daniel Herrmann:  A DICOM-Based Machine Learning Workflow For Computational Pathology  VIDEO    PDF 
8:30 am - 8;45 am
Keluo Yao:  An Innovative Web Application for Optimizing Pathologist Workflow in Clinical Pathology Sign-Out  VIDEOWei Huang:  Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Quantification Using AI-Enabled Software (SW)  VIDEOMahdi S. Hosseini:  Atlas of Digital Pathology Database: Pathologist Supervisory on Recognition of Histological Tissue Types  VIDEO  PDFEmilio MadrigalL:  Query-Based Digital Media Archive For Anatomic Pathology  VIDEO
8:45 am - 9:00 am
Aryeh Stock:  Adaptive Automated Gross Transcription Using PhraseExpress: Intelligent Dictation  VIDEOKeith Callenberg:  Analysis of Cell Galleries as an Interface for Reviewing Urine Cytology Cases  VIDEOKeren Hulkower:  Quantifying Data Element Evolution in Three CAP electronic Cancer Checklist (eCC) Templates  VIDEOMark Lloyd:  1 Million Reasons: Creating a Repository of Over 1 Million Whole Slide Images  VIDEO    PDF

API Vendor Partnership Sessions

The API Vendor Partnership sessions are not part of the Pathology Informatics Summit 2019 accredited continuing medical education (CME) program. These sessions do not quality for CME credits

Applied Machine Learning
Track 1
Kings Garden 2

Moderator: Thomas Gniadek
Applied Informatics
Track 2
Grand Ballroom

Moderator: Rajesh Dash
Selected Platform Lectures
Track 3
Kings Garden 1

Moderator: Michael Feldman


9:00 am - 9:35 am

Machine Learning Fundamentals

Dave McClintock, MD  VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2  
VIDEO Part 3
VIDEO Part 4
Laboratory Medicine Clinical Consult Service and How it is Embedded in the EMR

Jordan Olson, MD  VIDEO
An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Variant Calling of ALK Resistance Mutations in Clinical NGS Data

Jochen Lennerz, MD, PhD  VIDEO

9:45 am - 10:20 am

General Approaches of Histopathological Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

Jerome Cheng, MD  VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2  
VIDEO Part 3
VIDEO Part 4
Leveraging the EHR to Improve Transfusion Practice and Utilization

Kinjal Shah, MD  VIDEO    PDF
Visual Risk Pattern Recognition Informatics Expedites Rapid Triage of High Risk Complex Patients Vulnerable to Diagnostic Adverse Events

Eleanor Travers, MD, MHA, FASCP  VIDEO    PDF
11:20 am - 12:00 pmUsing Lab Data to Predict Clinical Outcomes

Phil Chen, MD  VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2  
VIDEO Part 3
VIDEO Part 4
VIDEO Part 5
Diagnostic Errors, Health Information Technology, and Payment Reform: The Perfect Storm 

James Sorace, MD, MS  VIDEO    PDF
Using Generative Adversarial Networks to Remove Unwanted Pen Marks from Scanned Histology Slides Images

Cleopatra Kozlowski  VIDEO   PDF

Tuesday Noon Round Table Career Mentoring Session

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Pathology Informatics: The Journey
 "Master Class in Career Development for Aspiring Pathology Informaticists"

Mentor Panelists: Drs. Bruce Friedman, J. Mark Tuthill, Ulysses Balis, Anil Parwani, Edward Klatt, Monica de Baca, Mary Edgerton, S. Joseph Sirintrapun



Tuesday Afternoon Plenary Lectures

Timely Topics:

Update on Digital Pathology, Advanced Microscopic Imaging,

Machine Learning, & Interoperability

1:00 pm - 1:05 pmOpening Welcome to PI Summit 2019Ulysses G. J. Balis, MD  and J. Mark Tuthill, MD  VIDEO
1:05 pm - 1:35 pmDay One Keynote Presentation 
Al and Computational Pathology: Opportunities and Challenges in Precision Medicine
Anant Madabhushi, PhD  VIDEO
1:35 pm - 2:05 pmUsing Computational Methods to Improve Algorithms and Workflow in the Pathology LaboratoryMary Edgerton, MD  VIDEO    PDF
2:05 pm - 2:35 pmNondestructive Anatomic 3D Pathology with Open-Top Light-Sheet Microscopy for Precision MedicineJonathan T. C. Liu, PhD  VIDEO
2:35 pm - 3:05 pmPredicting intraoperative diagnosis of brain tumors using AI and
Stimulating Raman Histology (SRH) 
Sandra Camelo-Piragua, MD  VIDEO
3.05 pm - 3:35 pmLeveraging SNOMED-CT for the Generation of Truly Interoperable & Machine Readable Laboratory ReportingScott Campbell, MD  VIDEO
4:00 pm - 4:30 pmRenaming Lab tests for Better Understanding and UtilizationIla Singh, MD, PhD  VIDEO    PDF
4:30 pm - 5:20 pmThe First Fifty Years of Pathology Informatics in ReviewMichael Becich, MD, PhD
Sidney Goldblatt, MD  VIDEO

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday Morning Short Abstract Presentations

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Short Abstract Lectures
Grand Ballroom 1

David McClintock

Short Abstract Lectures
Kings Garden 1

John Blau

Short Abstract Lectures
Kings Garden 2/3

S. Joseph Sirintrapun

Short Abstract Lectures
Brigade Room

Toby Cornish
8:00 am - 8:15 am
Orly Ardon:  Digitally Tracking Manual Microscopy Slide Reading for Digital Workflow Development  VIDEO   PDFHossain Md Shakhawat:  Assessment of HER2 amplification in invasive breast cancer from CISH using digital and computational pathology  VIDEOShivam Kalra:  A Bunch of Barcodes for Identification of Histopathology Images  VIDEO

Edward Klatt:  Cognitive Informatics  VIDEO  PDF
8:15 am - 8:30 am
Cathy Chen:  Improving medical students’ understanding of pediatric diseases through Philips Pathology Tutor (formerly PathXL)  VIDEO
Hsiang-Sheng Wang:  Automatic Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection using simple image processing with artificial intelligence(AI)  VIDEO   PDFWeijie Chen:  Characterization and Assessment of Deep Learning Systems for Histopathology Whole Slide Imaging  VIDEO
Mehrvash Haghighi:  From Value Stream Mapping to Value-Based Health Care  VIDEO
8:30 am - 8;45 am
Veronica Klepeis:  Analysis of Free-Text Comments Made by Pathologists in Cancer Synoptic Reports  VIDEOPaul Christensen:  Java versus Data Analysis Expressions (DAX): A Comparison of Programming Effort 
Marios A Gavrielides:  Effect ofFeature Information-Aided Review On Pathology Trainee Performance for Ovarian Cancer Subtyping: An Observer Study  VIDEO   PDFAryeh Stock:  Converting the Narrative to Analytics: Unlock the Value of Your Data  VIDEO

8:45 am - 9:00 am
Alexander Turchin:  Canary -a Natural Language Processing Platform for Clinicians and Researchers  VIDEOMahdi S. Hosseini:  From Patch-Level into Pixel-Level Annotation: Semantic Segmentation of Whole Slide Images by Histological Tissue Type  VIDEORichard Torres:  InitialClinical Validation of Clearing Histology with Multiphoton Microscopy (CHiMP) for Prostate Biopsy Diagnosis 
VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2   PDF
Yonah Ziemba & Vanesa Bijol:  Informatics Education in Pathology Residency Programs: A Successful Team-Based Approach  VIDEO

Wednesday Morning Track Presentations

Applied Informatics - LIS Topics 
Track 1
Kings Garden 2/3

Moderator: David McClintock


Applied Informatics- New Technologies and Techniques
Track 2
Grand Ballroom

Moderator: Monica de Baca
Selected Platform Lectures
Track 3
Kings Garden 1

Moderator: Bryan Dangott
9:00 am - 9:35 amSustainable LIS Augmentation Strategies as Made Possible by Use of Microservices Architecture

Chris Williams, MD 
VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2
VIDEO Part 3
Tools for the Development of CAP Electronic Cancer Checklists

Veronica Klepeis, MD, PhD  Varsha Parekh, BSc, Engineering, PMP  VIDEO    PDF
A Modern Approach to Specimen Tracking in a Geographically Distributed Department

Josh Jacques  VIDEO
9:45 am - 10:20 amSurviving and Thriving after a Lab-Wide Epic Deployment

John Blau, MD 
VIDEO Part 1
VIDEO Part 2
VIDEO Part 3
VIDEO Part 4

2019 CAP eCC Migration to SDC

Ross Simpson, MD   VIDEO    PDF
A Collaborative Project to Produce Regulatory-Grade Pathologist Annotations to Validate Viewers and Algorithms

Brandon Gallas, PhD  VIDEO
11:20am 12:00pm                           LIS Implications and Considerations in a Hospital to Hospital Integration

J. Mark Tuthill, MD  VIDEO    PDF
AJCC Staging Calculator (working with AJCC, CDC)

Mary Edgerton, MD, PhD Richard Moldwin, MD, PhD  VIDEO    PDF
Revisiting Whole-Slide Imaging in The Context of Big Data: Strategies for Data Archival and Retention

 Mark Zarella, PhD  VIDEO   PDF                             

Wednesday Afternoon Plenary Presentations

Pathology Informatics' Intersection with Precision Medicine: 
Present and Future State 

Moderators: Ulysses G. J. Balis, MD and J. Mark Tuthill, MD

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm    Day Two Keynote Presentation 
Building the Pathology Informatics Workforce of the Future
Melissa Upton, MD  ASCP President  VIDEO    PDF
2:00 pm - 2:30 pmPathology Imaging and Informatics as the Cornerstone of Precision Medicine: Two years of Experience with the NIDDK Kidney Precision Medicine Project
Jeff, Hodgin, MD, PhD  VIDEO    PDF
2:30 pm - 3:30 pmTown Hall
Key topics: Ethics of Data Sharing, WSI Device Certification, Job Pool, Informatics Training in 2019, Migration of LIS Computational Solutions to Single Vendor Solutions and the Cloud
Bob McGonnagle - Publisher of CAP Today 
VIDEO (no slides - only audio)
4:30 pm - 5:30 pmAssociation for Pathology Informatics Block
Presidential Address - Current Topics in API

Update and Discussion about Journal of Pathology Informatics and Clinical Informatics Fellowship Training
Monica de Baca, MD     VIDEO    PDF

Liron Pantanowitz, MD
Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA                               

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Thursday Plenary Lectures

Contemporary Regulatory, Ethical and Developmental Topics
in Pathology Informatics 

Moderator: Ulysses G. J. Balis, MD

9:00 am - 9:40 amDigital Pathology -  Regulatory ConsiderationsCheng Cui, PhD, RAC      VIDEO    PDF
9:40 am - 11:00 amThe Ethics of Data Sharing, Academic-Commercial Partnerships and Patient Consent for the Performing of Advanced Computational AnalysesModerator: David McClintock, MD   

Panelists: Thomas Fuchs, Mary Edgerton, Anil Parwani, Mark Lloyd, John Gilbertson, Enrique Terrazas         VIDEO    PDF
11:05 am -11:45 amHow Explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI) will Accelerate the Adoption of Machine Learning into Pathology PracticeMichael J. Becich, MD, PhD
Jeffrey Fine, MD      VIDEO    PDF
11:45 am - 12:15 pmWrap-up Discussion and Meeting SummaryUlysses G. J. Balis, MD
J. Mark Tuthill, MD